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Introducing the Reusable Software Components Shop

Welcome to the Reusable Software Components Shop, a shop dedicated to hosting highly reusable and easily reusable software components.

When planning a software project, it is always advisable to look for existing solutions. If someone has already built and tested some software, it saves time and money to reuse that software.

Reusing software is not always easy. The software might be written in a different programming language. It might have dependencies that are unavailable to overly complicated. It might not come with full source code: If there is a bug, you can neither debug nor fix the problem.

The Reusable Software Components Shop hosts highly and easily reusable software components. The shop sells software components as source code in many of the most popular programming languages (if your’s is lacking, please let us know and we will see if it can be added.) The components do not have any dependencies, meaning you can simply drop the source code of the component into your project. The source code is available, meaning you can debug and fix a problem is one is found.

Supported Programming Languages

At launch, we support the following languages: C/C++/Objective C, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, C#, Visual Basic .NET and Swift.

We are able to support many programming languages through a proprietary technology called progsbase. This technology allows writing a program once and then getting the same program in the supported programming languages, without reduced readability. This means the components work exactly the same in all programming languages. We ship even minor updates for all languages at once, meaning no deviation.

Components in the Shop

The first component available in the shop is a Barcode generation component. It supports the most common types of barcodes. The library comes with its own graphics library and exports the resulting images as PNG images. This works exactly the same in all the supported programming languages. The component is highly reusable: Simply add the source code to you project and start using it: No requirements on the build environment nor on dependencies.

The vision for the future is building a solid portfolio of highly reusable components available in many programming languages.

You are invited to contribute components to the shop. Contact us for further instructions and terms.